Such Pretty Confusion: Nightmares from a Damaged Mind
by Peter N. Dudar

What does a damaged mind dream about?

Does it imagine everyday horrors we’re all familiar with, with morbid notions of pain and suffering and loss? Or does it dig a little deeper into those psychological spaces where we hide our darkest secrets and existential dreads? Or is it a darkened void, waiting to trap unsuspecting readers and steal their souls, leaving their minds twisted with SUCH PRETTY CONFUSION?

This collection of dark fiction spans over two decades of nightmares from Maine author Peter N. Dudar. The stories selected are his personal favorites, including several new, unpublished pieces with razor-sharp edges. So please consider yourself invited to come play for awhile inside his damaged mind and discover what nightmares await you.

Praise for Such Pretty Confusion: Nightmares from a Deranged Mind:


“As you enter the world of Peter N. Dudar, you’re in for a treat. And some moments that will make you uncomfortable. But this is horror fiction, after all (except for that one story that takes place in the future) and we in the world of horror gladly take the uncomfortable along with the grandiose, the good with the bad, the highest highs and the dirtiest lows. We enjoy all the flavors at the feast.”
— L.L.Soares, Bram Stoker Award-winning author of Life Rage (from his introduction)